non surgical nose lift

Do you look in the mirror and wish your nose did more to complement your face?

Achieve the nose you want and completely redefine your face, in 15 minutes or less, with Non-Surgical Nose Lift.

Non-Surgical Nose Lift with hyaluronic acid fillers is a safe, convenient way to improve facial balance, reshape the nose, and brighten your eyes. Even the smallest change in the contours of your nose can completely transform the way you look!

To learn more about how we achieve impressive nose lift results with fillers, schedule a private consultation with Dr. Joseph Michaels today.

What are Fillers?

Fillers are cosmetic injectables designed to add long-lasting, natural-looking volume to the face or hands.

We perform non-surgical nose lifts with hyaluronic acid fillers. The main ingredient in these injectables, hyaluronic acid (HA), is naturally-occurring within the body. HA molecules are moisture-retentive and a vital component of full, youthful skin. Hyaluronic acid injectables deliver healthy volume to the treatment site, as well as encourage the stimulation of valuable collagen proteins within the skin.  

The type of dermal filler that will be used in your non-surgical nose lift will depend on your goals and the specific aesthetic needs of your nose. Dr. Michaels will listen to your personal preferences and recommend the type of injectable he feels will best deliver the look you are trying to achieve.   

Dr. Michaels performs non-surgical nose lifts with Juvéderm, Restylane and Perlane.

HA injectables achieve long-lasting volume that feels natural, because it is! Your renewed supply of collagen will maintain the results of the non-surgical nose lift for six months to a year. The longevity of your results will depend on your chosen filler and your unique body chemistry. Results can easily be extended for years to come. 

Men and women around the world have turned to dermal fillers to improve the look and contour of their nose, cheeks, lips, neck, and hands. If you are unhappy with the look of your facial features or are experiencing wrinkles, fine lines, or volume loss, change is easier than you think!

Dermal Fillers are an effective, minimally-invasive way of getting the youthful results you want so that you can get back to facing your day with confidence.

What is the Non-Surgical Nose Lift?

Non-surgical nose lift with fillers is an increasingly popular choice for people who want to make a change to the way their nose looks, but who do not want to undergo rhinoplasty surgery. Thanks to fillers and Dr. Joseph Michaels’ expert understanding of facial aesthetics, patients can achieve the look of surgical improvement, without scars or significant downtime!

Unlike rhinoplasty surgery, non-surgical nose lift takes only fifteen minutes!

Dr. Michaels is artful with non-surgical nose lift. Every treatment is tailored to your unique goals and the needs of your facial structure. In order to perform non-surgical nose lift, Dr. Michaels strategically injects your chosen filler to augment targeted areas and smooth the tissue of the nose. He will customize your treatment to address cartilage deficits, build tissue, and smooth your nasal contours as needed. Often, only a small amount of filler is necessary to achieve the look the patient wants.

Following a non-surgical nose lift, no one will be able to detect that you have had anything done to your nose. They will simply find themselves more drawn to the lines of your face.

Patients are frequently surprised themselves to see the major difference a single targeted injection of filler can make in their nose!

Results of non-surgical nose lift with HA fillers will last for six months to a year.

What are the Benefits of Non-Surgical Nose Lift? 

Non-surgical nose lift with hyaluronic acid fillers can:

  • Improve the symmetry of your face
  • Add natural-feeling volume
  • Stimulate collagen production and improve the function of the skin itself
  • Lift or reshape the tip of the nose
  • Straighten the line of the nasal bridge
  • Improve your profile
  • Shrink the look of the nostrils
  • Make the nose look larger or smaller overall
  • Draw attention to your eyes

Types of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

You have three types of fillers to choose from for your non-surgical nose lift.  


Juvéderm is a highly popular dermal filler for a number of reasons. The injectable adds  hyaluronic acid to the injection site, immediately supplying natural, targeted volume to the area. 

Juvéderm achieves more than its initial aesthetic improvement: it improves the quality of your skin by stimulating collagen production over the weeks following injection. This helps add natural volume and extend the life of the non-surgical nose job. 

Juvéderm is also an excellent way to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles or restore youthful volume to the backs of the hands. If you have wrinkles along your nose and mouth, you can erase them with Juvéderm! 


Restylane is a hyaluronic acid injectable that adds supple volume to the skin. Restylane is a useful facial contouring tool, especially for non-surgical rhinoplasty. A simple, targeted injection with Restylane can improve the symmetry and balance of your nose. 

Looking for a convenient anti-aging solution? Smooth away your facial wrinkles with Restylane.  Restylane can erase facial wrinkles and add volume to the hands. Outcomes are subtle and natural-looking. 


Perlane adds smooth volume to achieve the desired rejuvenated, sculpted look. Sometimes, only a tiny injection of this hyaluronic acid filler is all that is required to achieve your desired result! Perlane has larger particles than Restylane, which make it an additionally effective solution for a sunken, hollow under-eye appearance. 


If you are unhappy with the look of your nose, you are a good candidate to transform your face in only 15 minutes with a non-surgical nose lift. This procedure is an excellent option for busy men and women who would like to improve their look, but who do not want the time or expense associated with rhinoplasty surgery.

Candidates must be over 18 to undergo a non-surgical nose lift. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding will need to wait before receiving a non-surgical nose lift.

Ideal candidates will be in overall good health and have open but realistic expectations for the outcomes achievable with non-surgical nose lift.

If you are happy with the results of your non-surgical nose lift and would like to extend them for years to come, Dr. Michaels will consult with you to help you determine if a non-surgical treatment plan is your most cost-effective option, or if rhinoplasty surgery will make more sense for you in the long-run.


Dr. Joseph Michaels will take the time to get to know you before he recommends a nasal contouring option. He will recommend the treatment that is most appropriate for your unique facial structure and desired outcomes. He will examine your nose and discuss your goals for your appearance with you.

If non-surgical nose lift sounds like the right option for you, Dr. Michaels will work with you to finalize the details of your customized nose lift and contouring treatment plan.

Dr. Michaels will be happy to answer any questions you have about non-surgical nose lift during your private consultation.

It is important to him that his patients feel completely confident and comfortable before undergoing any cosmetic procedure. If you have questions following your consultation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information.


In order to prepare for your non-surgical nose lift, discontinue use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin. These medications can increase the chance of post-procedure bruising.

Mild bruising and swelling can occur following non-surgical nose lift, but these conditions will diminish within a few days. Some patients may prefer to schedule one day off from work to give post-procedure side effects time to subside.


Non-surgical nose lift is a highly customizable procedure.

Thanks to the volumizing power of hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvéderm, Restylane, and Perlane, you can achieve results that will last for years, in just minutes!

Dr. Michaels performs non-surgical nose lift by carefully injecting your chosen HA dermal filler into the appropriate area of the nose. You have the option of receiving a topical anesthetic to keep you comfortable during your nose augmentation.

In order to achieve your preferred results, Dr. Michaels may target the nostrils, nasal bridge, or tip of the nose during the injection. He will contour your nose in the way that best meets the aesthetic needs of your unique facial structure. Frequently, only a small amount of filler is required to achieve the changes our patients desire!

Once Dr. Michaels has injected your hyaluronic acid filler, you will be free to return to your day. There will be visible improvement in the contours of your nose immediately after your non-surgical nose lift.


You will be able to return to your day immediately after your injection. It will be safe to resume working or exercise after your nose job with Juvéderm, Restylane, or Perlane.

No downtime is required following non-surgical nose lift with HA fillers!

Mild bruising, swelling, or redness may occur initially at your injection site. These conditions are normal and will subside within a few days. Patients can help diminish swelling with intermittent ice application.

Your nose will have a filled-out look for the first 24 to 48 hours following your non-surgical nose lift. Once the body absorbs any water component of the injection, your chosen filler will work within the body to generate new collagen and fill in the tissue in the targeted area.

Dr. Michaels may instruct you to gently massage your nose periodically for the first few days of your recovery. This will help encourage collagen production. Avoid tanning or sun exposure two weeks following a non-surgical nose job. We strongly advise recent patients use protection when they are outdoors.


You will see an immediate improvement in the shape of your nose following non-surgical nose lift. Once post-procedure bruising and swelling are abated, you will see continued improvement in the contours of your nose.

A targeted injection of Juvéderm, Restylane, or Perlane will stimulate collagen production in your skin to promote fullness and volume. The new tissue and final contour will be visible within six to eight weeks of your treatment. Outcomes of non-surgical nose lift will last for six to twelve months. The longevity of your results will depend on your body’s response to your chosen filler. Together, Dr. Michaels can help you determine which filler is ideal for you. To see best non-surgical nose lift results, touch-ups can be scheduled to accommodate your schedule. 



The price of non-surgical nose lift with hyaluronic acid fillers will depend on the amount of filler required to achieve your desired results. Once you have created a customized non-surgical nose lift plan with Dr. Michaels, you will receive an appropriate price estimate.


Results of non-surgical nose lift with a dermal filler will last between one to two years, or more. Outcomes can be extended for the long-term.


Dermal fillers offer a variety of cosmetic applications! Hyaluronic acid fillers are safe to inject into the face and hands to improve their dimensions, volume, and quality. Your injectable will restore youthful volume and jumpstart collagen production. Fillers achieve smooth texture and youthful fullness wherever they are administered. If you would like to smooth and contour your face, hands or neck, you are an excellent candidate for dermal fillers.