Facial implants can help restore balance to your face by improving your facial contour and correcting any facial disproportions. Facial implants are FDA-approved and are commonly used to accentuate the chin, jawline, cheeks and dorsum of the nose.

facial implantsDuring your consultation, Dr. Michaels will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your facial anatomy and tailor a treatment plan to meets your goals. Placement of facial implants is often performed as an isolated procedure, but it can also be combined with other procedures including Kybella injections (non-invasive injectable neck fat removal), liposuction of the neck, facelift and nose reshaping.

Alternatives to facial implants include autologous fat transfer and facial fillers.

Quick Facts


1-3 hours (depending on the extent of procedure)





Side effects

Temporary swelling, bruising, and some pain


Pain, bleeding, infection, rare damage to nerves, incomplete improvement, implant migration


1 – 2 weeks back at work. 2 – 3 weeks more strenuous activity. 4 -12 weeks for swelling to completely resolve.

Duration of results

Long lasting

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