Over time, the level of the eyebrows can descend due to relaxation of the forehead skin and gravity. A drooping brow may be the cause of excess skin in the upper eyelid region and contributing to an older and tired appearance of your eyes. Many Rockville plastic surgery patients compensate for this brow descent by elevating their eyebrows using their forehead muscles. This causes wrinkling of the forehead and contributes further to this aged look.

A brow lift can help restore your brow position giving your eye an open and bright appearance. Brow lifts are often performed at the same time as eyelid surgery. Dr. Michaels’ goal is to leave your brow and eyes with a natural, youthful and refreshed appearance.

During your consultation, Dr. Michaels will evaluate your degree of brow descent. Dr. Michaels has several techniques to restore the position of the brow depending on the degree of brow descent. In certain cases, the brow lift can be performed through the same incision as an upper eyelid lift. In other instances, it is performed with additional procedures, such as facelift.

Dr. Michaels often performs his brow lift and eyelid surgery under local anesthesia in his office. This has the added benefits of no additional anesthesia or hospital costs and a quicker recovery.

Quick Facts


1-3 hours (depending on extent of procedure)


Local or general, depends on extent


Either outpatient or inpatient

Side effects

Numbness, temporary swelling, bruising, and some pain


Pain, bleeding, infection, rare damage to nerves, incomplete improvement


1 weeks back at work. 1 week light exercise. 2-3 weeks more strenuous activity. 4-8 weeks for swelling to resolve.

Duration of results

About 3-5 years

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