Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer. Patients frequently are concerned about moles or other skin lesions that are present on the face or other parts of their body.

Although it is important to have a good cosmetic result, it is more important to make sure the lesion is not cancer or pre-cancer. In certain instances, Dr. Michaels may refer you to a dermatologist for a second opinion to determine whether a suspicious lesion is malignant or benign.

Dr. Michaels frequently removes malignant skin lesions in cosmetically sensitive areas. He is also frequently called upon by local dermatologists to close and reconstruct the wounds left by the excision of a cancerous lesion. Using the local tissue available surrounding the excision, a cosmetically acceptable result is often achievable.

Dr. Michaels performs the majority of these procedures in his office under local anesthesia so your downtime is minimal and your recovery time is quick.

Quick Facts


15-60 minutes (depending on size and complexity of closure/reconstruction)


Usually local anesthesia


Usually outpatient

Side effects

Bruising, some pain


Pain, bleeding, scarring, need for reexcision


1-5 days back at work. 3-7 days return to normal activity.

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