Nipple Correction

Diversity should be celebrated. We can learn from our differences! But if a physical condition makes you feel insecure, then it can hinder your connectivity with those around you. Most nipples protrude from the chest. Others lie flush with the surface of the areola (the dark skin surrounding a nipple). Inverted nipples can convince individuals to avoid certain situations, like beach days, locker rooms, or romantic scenarios. When nipples are severely malformed, they could make clothing feel uncomfortable or too tight. 

If you struggle with the realities of inverted nipples, then Dr. Joseph Michaels can help. With convenient locations in Rockville and Fairfax, Dr. Michaels serves his Maryland and Virginia communities with pride. Schedule an appointment and let’s discuss a solution to your aesthetic and wellness needs.

About Nipple Correction Treatment

Most cases of nipple inversion occur at birth. Other aberrations develop during adolescence, when breast tissue is rapidly transforming and evolving. If a nipple suddenly flattens in one’s adult years, it could be a symptom of a serious situation such as inflammatory breast cancer or Paget disease. 

Your health is Dr. Michaels’ top priority. Once he has ruled out the above conditions, he can focus on your cosmetic goals.

Inverted nipples may prompt you to feel alienated, but it is surprisingly common. Approximately 10% of the female population have at least one differently-formed or flat nipple(s). If the milk duct is short, the muscle pulls the nipple back, resulting in an “inverted” look. By restructuring a nipple’s underlying tissue, Dr. Michaels can undo an inversion that dissatisfies you. 

The Benefits of Nipple Correction

When Dr. Michaels corrects contracted milk ducts, it allows nipples to protrude. This creates more traditional-looking areolas. Other benefits of nipple correction include:

  • Natural feel
  • Clothing fits more flatteringly
  • Increased confidence

On this last point, psychological studies illustrate how important confidence is a factor of perceived attractiveness.[1] Simply put: when you feel sexy, you project sexiness. By boosting your confidence, a nipple correction could lift your perspective! 

Ideal Candidates for Nipple Correction

Ideal Candidates for Nipple Correction

If you are a healthy individual who wishes to reverse a malformed or inverted nipple, then you may be a perfect candidate for a corrective surgery. Mothers who have had difficulty breastfeeding in the past could benefit from nipple correction. By freeing up the milk ducts, Dr. Michaels may be able to amplify a woman’s ability to nurse her next bundle of joy. Please convey your plans during your private consultation so that Dr. Michaels can schedule any procedures around your pregnancies. You want to focus on your family, not your insecurities!

But nipple correction surgery is not just for women. Men can also greatly benefit from the procedure. If you have been bothered by your inverted or malformed nipples, then take control of your appearance. Make an appointment with Dr. Michaels soon!

Schedule Your Personal Consultation

The key to transformation is communication. Tell us about your medical history and aesthetic goals so that we can formulate a strategy together. Dr. Michaels is ready to listen and eager to advise his Fairfax and Bethesda neighbors. Before scheduling your one-on-one consultation, feel free to peruse our blog to learn more about us.

Dr. Michaels and his knowledgeable, professional staff approach every situation with compassion and expertise. They will assess your physique, discuss your questions and concerns, and arrive at a determination of how to address your inverted nipples. If you live more than 100 miles from our clinics, then you should consider a virtual consultation. Nothing should stand in the way of delivering health and happiness to our community, no matter how expansive it may be.

Patient Preparation

During your comprehensive consultation, we will discuss how to properly prepare for your nipple correction procedure. Dr. Michaels and his team will provide you with detailed preparation instructions based on your health records and impending surgery. 

Every patient’s anatomy is unique, so every case is tailored to their needs

It is always a great idea to quit smoking before any surgical procedure. Nicotine products affect your circulation and ability to recuperate. Dr. Michaels wants you to be as healthy as possible to enjoy your aesthetic enhancement to its fullest.

Nipple Correction Procedure Types

Most inverted nipples are due to short lactiferous (milk) ducts. For this reason, Dr. Michaels will ask how important lactation is in your life. Do you plan to breastfeed a baby in the future?  If so, then you will want to preserve the milk ducts that may be pulling your nipple back.

Nipple Correction Procedure Types

Dr. Michaels will consider the extent to which your nipple is inverted. His assessment will guide his customized approach to your nipple correction surgery. If your condition is minor, then he will suggest a different technique than if your inversion is very pronounced.

Mild to Moderate Inversion

Dr. Michaels may be able to preserve milk ducts’ full range of functionality by simply stretching the surrounding tissue and then suturing it back in place. This method has little to no impact on nursing and creates marvelous results. The only potential drawback to this technique is the possibility of its reversal. The ducts could invert once again if the supporting muscle tissue does not respond to this stretching approach.

Moderate to Severe Inversion

If lactation is not a top priority, then Dr. Michaels can detach the milk ducts that are pulling back the nipples. This method fully releases the nipple from the forces that are clenching it. When milk ducts are divided, there is almost no chance that the nipple inversion will reoccur. Dr. Michaels will carefully affix the newly protruded nipple back in place as he concludes the procedure.

Special Considerations

When nipples are extremely inverted, the telescope method may be required.[2] This involves making a small incision around the actual nipple and drawing the tissue outward. The manually protruded nipple is tightened around the base. 

Dr. Michaels might take a different approach altogether. He can craft dermal flaps to “prop up” the nipple.[3] By nestling two small triangles of skin on either side of a nipple’s base, Dr. Michaels can use your own tissue to strengthen and support its natural contours. Your specific procedure will depend on your anatomy and desired outcome

Nipple Reduction Surgery

On the other end of the spectrum, some people complain about nipples that protrude too far for their liking. Dr. Michaels can address these concerns by making a small incision on the nipple. He then removes any unwanted or excess tissue. This pulls the nipple back slightly. Dr. Michaels will then suture the incision closed and create a pleasing, tight connection with the tissue below the nipple. 

Recovering from Your Procedure

Recovering from Your Procedure Nipple Correction

You may be restricted from driving for up to a week following your surgery. Please arrange for a loved one to drive you home on the day of the nipple correction surgery. Avoid any heavy lifting or strenuous activity during your recuperation period. You should also wear loose bras and shirts for two weeks or so. Allow the nipples to find their new shape without compressing them. Rest is vital to a successful recovery. Adjust your sleeping position to a 25 to 40 degree incline. You want optimal circulation to your chest without rushing blood to the area. On the topic of circulation, remember to get up and enjoy gentle walks periodically. What better way to show your neighbors the healthy, happy new you!

Nipple Correction Results

You will immediately notice the transformation that a nipple correction offers, but that is just the start! As your swelling subsides, your new contours will emerge. It may take up to six weeks for the full effects of your nipple correction surgery to take shape. During that time period, the nipple(s) will adjust as your ducts heal. To foster ideal health and recovery, please try not to lie directly on your chest or put excessive pressure on the nipple region. 

Cost of Nipple Correction in Rockville or Fairfax

Dr. Michaels is proud to offer the best care at the right price. To address your aesthetic issues, we offer several financing options to work within your budget. If you have questions or concerns about the price of nipple correction surgery, please do not hesitate to call us. Fairfax, Virginia residents and visitors can reach us at 703-957-8610, or dial 301-468-5991 for the Rockville, Maryland  office.


Is nipple correction safe?

Yes, Dr. Michaels is a board certified plastic surgeon who puts his patients’ safety and wellbeing above all else. He will use the appropriate anesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout the nipple correction procedure. 

How long does a nipple correction surgery last?

Procedures will vary from person to person, but a typical nipple correction surgery takes between 30 and 120 minutes to perform. The results are long-lasting, transforming inverted nipples into healthy, perky protrusions for years or even decades to come.

Can I breastfeed after getting nipple correction surgery?

Yes, depending on the type of your procedure. Nipple correction may reroute or reduce your lactiferous (milk) ducts. This tissue may heal in a manner that perfectly diverts milk to the nipple. If you plan to breastfeed, please share your intentions with Dr. Michaels before the procedure. He will work to preserve the structure of your milk ducts if lactation is a priority for you.


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