Male plastic surgery is the collection of procedures designed to sculpt the body, refine facial features, and treat conditions in order to re-establish an aesthetically pleasing appearance for men. 

Discover the Look You Want

Men have their own special concerns when considering plastic surgery. Most men want to maintain a natural-looking, masculine look. They don’t want their results to look obvious nor do they wish to look feminine. Don’t allow that stubborn fat to frustrate you any longer. Male plastic surgery can provide you with the peace of mind you seek. 

Joseph Michaels, M.D. understands the concerns most men have regarding plastic surgery. He possesses a lot of experience working with many male patients. He’s published research in medical journals on male body contouring.[1] In addition, he served as a male weight loss and body contouring expert for the World’s Fattest Man television program. Dr. Michaels invites you to contact his Bethesda, Maryland office with all your questions at (301) 468-5991. If you are closer to Virginia, please call his Fairfax office at (703) 957-8610. Or you can book a private consultation online to learn more about male plastic surgery. Dr. Michaels wants to partner with you on your journey towards aesthetic excellence. Follow Dr. Michaels’ blog or follow him on social media to stay updated with the latest news and specials. He can also consult with you virtually if you prefer to remain in the comfort of your own home.

About Male Plastic Surgery in Bethesda, Maryland

Many people might not be aware that the first to receive modern plastic surgery were men. The surgeon Sir Harold Gillies innovated many modern plastic surgery techniques to treat male soldiers during World War I.[2] Plastic and reconstructive surgery has evolved in unfathomable ways since its modern introduction over 100 years ago. Today, you can benefit from a host of procedures designed to sculpt the body and face you desire. 

Do Men Get Plastic Surgery?

Yes, absolutely. Plastic surgery is not just something that women do. Men can also benefit immensely from plastic surgery procedures. Diet and exercise form the cornerstone of good health. Yet, sometimes conditions can conspire to prevent us from achieving the final aesthetic result we desire. Stubborn fat might persist in regions of our body despite our diligent efforts. If you seek a chiseled physique but certain areas of your body stubbornly defy your smart diet and rigorous exercise routine, then plastic surgery might be the answer for you. If you suffer from gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts) due to glandular or other issues, gynecomastia surgery can provide the relief you seek. 


The physical benefits of male plastic surgery are self-evident. If you suffer from enlarged male breasts, you’ll see a profound reduction. When you can’t work or diet away persistent unwelcome fat, the results from male liposuction will be immediately appreciated. If you have lost a large amount of weight and find the excess skin around your abdomen disagreeable, your body can benefit from a male tummy tuck that will highlight all your hard work. 

But perhaps most important are the psychological benefits. When you love the way you look in the mirror, you experience a boost of confidence that can’t be faked or artificially achieved. 

Suitable Candidates

male plastic surgery

Ideal candidates for male plastic surgery should be in good health and maintain stable body weight. If you are costing bariatric surgery or want to lose significant weight, then its best to post-pone these procedures until after losing the weight. These procedures are not for patients seeking bariatric surgery. As with any plastic surgery procedure, it’s best to be a non-smoker. Smoking carries with it a number of health complications that should be avoided if you are undergoing surgery. If you smoke tobacco regularly, make sure to mention that during your consultation and assiduously follow any advice Dr. Michaels provides. You should also hold realistic expectations. Dr. Michaels will go over what is and is not possible to achieve with plastic surgery. In order to provide you with the best possible preview, Dr. Michaels uses the latest in 3D imaging software to help you visualize the final results of your surgery.

Your Discreet Consultation with Dr. Michaels

During your private consultation, Dr. Michaels wants you to feel as comfortable as possible. He will take the time to answer all of your questions and discuss everything about the procedure with you. You should never feel rushed when talking with Dr. Michaels. Nothing is more important to Dr. Michaels than your safety and comfort when selecting the procedures suited for you.

A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michaels doesn’t just practice his art but he teaches it to other plastic surgeons. He holds the position of Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at the elite Johns Hopkins Medical School, one of the top medical schools in the world. He also instructs future surgeons at Georgetown University’s esteemed Plastic Surgery Integrated Residency Program. As further verification of Dr. Michaels’ stellar reputation as a surgeon that puts his patient’s health and safety first, he maintains hospital privileges in eight hospitals across the metropolitan area. If you’re ready to begin your journey to the new you, you can schedule a consultation online or give his offices a call. 

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Dr. Michaels serves many patients that live outside the immediate area. He can set up accommodations to make your procedure as stress-free as possible. Virtual consultations are available for your convenience.

Procedures for Men

As a verified expert in the field, you will receive the best treatment possible from Dr. Michaels. He offers a variety of aesthetic procedures for men.

Male Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty)

Many men have discovered the benefits of a male tummy tuck. It’s a very popular procedure after bariatric (weight loss) surgery or just losing weight. Weight loss, either by surgery or exercise, reduces the weight but it can’t remove the excess skin left behind. A tummy tuck can resolve this issue by tightening the abdominal muscles and removing excess skin. It also tightens the surplus skin that remains to create a neat, compact result. Tummy tucks provide natural-looking results and allow men to reclaim the svelte, masculine form they seek. As an experienced expert in body contouring after massive weight loss, Dr. Michaels can provide male tummy tucks with the deft precision and aesthetic care necessary to produce eye-catching results. 

Gynecomastia Surgery

Enlarged male breasts (gynecomastia) makes for a troublesome condition for men. Large breasts on a man make it difficult to look and feel masculine. Gynecomastia often can’t be worked off through diet and exercise. The most obstinate types of gynecomastia include glandular tissue ailments that can only be treated with surgery. Gynecomastia has a variety of causes but the end result is that the male breast grows and sags. The most extreme cases result in female looking breasts. Regardless of the cause, Dr. Michaels can provide the solution. Feel masculine again with gynecomastia treatment.

Liposuction for Men

male plastic surgery

Liposuction is the most popular aesthetic procedure for men in the United States.[3] Millions of people know what it’s like to keep up with a healthy and diligent exercise routine only to discover some pockets of fat simply don’t respond to our hard work. This condition is common to the human body. Different people store stubborn fat in different locations. For some, it results in a bulging belly that simply won’t go away. In others, it manifests as love handles. That awkward fat can remain in the thighs and arms as well. Liposuction is so common for men because it can remove these incessant pockets of fat that defy our best efforts. Dr. Michaels understands how to elegantly remove these pockets of fat using the precise methods of liposuction.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

As we age, we take on the years’ concomitant effects. On our faces, this can include drooping eyelids or ‘bags under the eye’. Maybe your friends and co-workers always comment on how you should get better sleep despite you getting a good night’s rest. Sometimes people might think you are hungover when you haven’t consumed any alcohol in days. These effects can be more than frustrating. They can affect your self-esteem and your confidence in your appearance. For men with these problems, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) provides an eye-opening solution.

Satisfying Results

Male plastic surgery offers the opportunity to achieve results that can’t be obtained through exercise and dieting alone. Excess skin, aging, and glandular issues can cause conditions that we can’t reverse on our own. In these cases, plastic surgery for men can provide profound results by sculpting the bodies we want. 

Read previous patients of Dr. Michaels share their aesthetic journey. They honor him with wonderful reviews.


Can You Get a Six-Pack with Plastic Surgery?

While plastic surgery can’t miraculously install six-pack abs onto your torso, several procedures, including tummy tucks and liposuction can be used in conjunction with exercise and diet to craft those “washboard” abs that many men crave.


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