Unlocking Your Perfect Pout

A lip lift offers patients a transformative solution to enhance the aesthetics of their smile. It is a cosmetic procedure that focuses on reshaping and rejuvenating the appearance of the lips, resulting in a more youthful, balanced, and alluring facial expression. Whether you desire fuller, shapelier lips, seek to correct age-related changes, or wish to balance the features of your face, a lip lift can help both women and men love their look.

Dr. Joseph Michaels is board-certified to deliver breathtaking cosmetic results to his Rockville, MD, and Fairfax, VA patients. With the highest level of care and attention, he offers this incredible surgical procedure allowing his patients another lip augmentation option, joining the ranks with fillers and implants. Dr. Michaels utilizes his expertise and artistic approach to create customized lip lifts tailored to each individual’s unique facial features and desired outcomes. Take the first step toward the smile of your dreams by scheduling a consultation online, or by calling 301-468-5991 in Rockville, or 703-957-8610 in Fairfax. Discover how a lip lift can enhance your natural appeal, boost your confidence, and leave you with a captivating smile that radiates youth and vitality.

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About Lip Lift

The lips play a vital role in facial harmony. Their shape, volume, and symmetry significantly contribute to facial attractiveness and the ability to emote. For women, full and well-defined lips are often associated with youthfulness, sensuality, and attractiveness. For men, a strong and well-defined lip shape can contribute to a masculine appearance.

A lip lift is designed to elevate the upper lip by removing a small strip of skin between the base of the nose and the border of the top lip or, in a more delicate surgery, along the border of the upper lip. The strategic removal of skin results in a remarkable transformation of the lip’s appearance in the skilled hands of Dr. Michaels.

As we age, our lips undergo changes that can impact our overall facial balance. 

  • One common age-related change is the loss of volume in the lips. Over time, they may become thinner and less plump, leading to a less youthful and vibrant look. 
  • Additionally, the skin surrounding the lips may start to sag or develop fine lines, further contributing to an aged appearance. 
  • The philtrum, the area between the base of the nose and the upper lip, can become elongated over time. As the upper lip lengthens, it can create an imbalance in facial proportions and make the lips appear less defined.

Certain patients, regardless of age, may naturally have lips that are not in proportion with the rest of their facial features, such as thin upper lips or uneven contours. These factors can impact self-confidence and how they perceive their level of attractiveness.

In recent years, there has been a notable surge in the popularity of plump lips. This trend, partly influenced by celebrities and social media, has led to an increased demand for lip augmentation procedures. Whether through non-surgical techniques like lip fillers, lip implants, or surgical procedures like lip lifts, patients want a fuller upper lip and Dr. Michaels delivers. Having “sausage” or “duck” lips doesn’t just happen from overcorrection; it can also result from a lack of understanding about the natural contours of the lips. [1] Dr. Michaels carefully considers the delicate anatomy of the lips to avoid unnatural outcomes.

What are the Benefits of a Lip Lift?

Unlike temporary solutions such as fillers or implants, a lip lift offers permanent results that can truly transform your smile. The benefits include:

  • Enhanced Symmetry
  • Restored Youthful Volume
  • Enhance the Lip-to-Nose Proportion
  • Customized Treatment
  • Confidence and Rejuvenation

The lips should never attract more attention than the person themselves, which is why a subtle lifted increase by a skilled plastic surgeon can create a look that compliments the overall facial aesthetics without looking done. Dr. Michaels takes great care to tailor the procedure to the patient so men and women can feel confident in their results.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for a Lip Lift?

The best candidates for lip lift procedures are those who seek more permanent results compared to temporary injectable fillers. They may have experienced

  • Thinning
  • Retraction
  • Shapelessness
  • Sagging of the lips due to aging

Additionally, individuals who have undergone other facial rejuvenation surgeries and want their lips to harmonize with the rest of their face, or those who have had a rhinoplasty and feel their upper lip is too long, may also benefit from a lip lift performed by Dr. Michaels. Patients with unbalanced lips, teeth hidden by a sagging upper lip, thin or flat lips that are barely visible, or lips that convey an angry expression will love their results.

Patients should have sufficient time available for healing and the resolution of bruising, which typically lasts a week or more, and realistic expectations.

Personal Consultation

As with any surgical procedure, it is important to have a thorough consultation with a qualified professional to discuss the potential risks, benefits, and expected recovery process. Dr. Joseph Michaels and his dedicated team are committed to providing exceptional care and guidance throughout the lip lift journey, ensuring that patients achieve their desired lip transformation with the utmost satisfaction.

A lip lift procedure involves careful planning and meticulous execution. Dr. Michaels will assess the patient’s facial anatomy, lip proportions, and individual goals to determine the optimal amount of skin to be removed during the procedure. By customizing the treatment approach, he can ensure that the results harmonize with the patient’s unique facial features, providing a balanced and proportionate outcome.

The Lip Lift Procedure

There are different techniques for lifting the upper lip, and Dr. Michaels takes several approaches. The method that best suits each patient will depend on various factors discussed during the consultation.

Subnasal Lip Lift

  • Bull’s horn excision – The removal of a small strip of skin in the shape of a bull’s horn just below the base of the nose.
  • Wavy ellipse excision – The removal of a wavy ellipse-shaped excision below the nose.
  • Subnasal incisions that spare the philtral columns and groove – What sets this technique apart is the preservation of the philtral columns – the vertical ridges that extend from the upper lip to the base of the nose, and the philtral groove – the indentation between these columns. These features contribute to the natural contour and symmetry of the upper lip. [2]
  • Subnasal bull’s horn excision with ‘T’-shaped resection – This involves the bull’s horn technique in addition to a ‘T’-shaped muscle resection. The muscles responsible for the movement of the upper lip are carefully resected in a ‘T’-shaped fashion, which helps to refine the shape of the lip. [3] Dr. Michaels can achieve a harmonious balance between lip elevation and natural movement.

Lip Border Lift

Vermillion border gull wing excision – This involves making a precise incision along the vermillion border, the distinct edge that separates the red-colored portion of the lips from the surrounding skin. In this technique, the incision is carefully shaped to resemble the wings of a seagull, hence the name “gull wing.” This creates a fuller upper lip, a more pronounced Cupid’s bow, and does not remove space between the nose and upper lip. [4]

Recovery After Lip Lift

After undergoing lip lift surgery, it is common to experience some minor bruising, swelling, and tenderness in the treated area. However, these temporary side effects will gradually diminish over time. We advise patients to avoid opening their mouths too widely for approximately seven to ten days following the procedure to prevent excessive tension that could affect the final results.

In most cases, patients can resume their normal daily routines within two to five days after the lip lift, as long as they are non-strenuous activities. However, engaging in strenuous activities should be avoided for several weeks to allow for proper healing.

What are the Results of Lip Lift Surgery?

Lip lift surgery patients love their results, which include teeth that are visible when the mouth is half-closed, conveying a youthful look. The cupid’s bow becomes more defined as the upper lip is raised. Volume and fullness create an enhanced pout with heightened sensuality and uplifted angles at the corner of the mouth.

These benefits combine to create a transformative outcome, providing patients with a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance of the lips and surrounding facial features. With lip lift surgery, individuals can achieve a rejuvenated smile that exudes confidence and allure.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

For individuals who already possess ideally shaped lips but desire additional plumpness, Dr. Michaels may recommend adding lip volume through fillers as an alternative option. Patients who have sufficient tooth show will find this option ideal so as to avoid a toothy grin.

What is the Cost of a Lip Lift in Maryland?

During the consultation, Dr. Michaels will assess your unique needs and goals, discuss the available options, and provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs involved. Call to schedule your appointment in Rockville, MD 301-468-5991, or Fairfax, VA 703-957-8610 today. We look forward to seeing you!


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