The hands are a dead giveaway for a person’s age. Many patients concentrate on procedures to make their face look younger, but neglect to address their hands. Hand rejuvenation can help turn back the hands of time making you look years younger. If you feel that your hands make you look and feel older than you are, then hand rejuvenation may the correct procedure for you.

hand rejuvenationHand rejuvenation can be performed using either your own fat tissue which gets injected into you hand or using the same fillers used to add volume to your face. Dr. Michaels prefers to use the fat grafting method, which uses your own fat tissue, when possible. The advantages of your own fat are that it is your own tissue so you will not reject it and that some of the fat that is transferred is permanent.

During your consultation, Dr. Michaels will listen to your concerns and thoroughly examine your hands and potential donor sites for fat transfer. Based on your consultation, an individualized treatment plan will be tailored to achieve your goals.

Quick Facts


1-3 hours


Local anesthesia, intravenous sedation, or general



Side effects

Temporary swelling, bruising, tightness and some pain


Pain, bleeding, infection, rare damage to nerves, asymmetry, incomplete improvement


<1 week back at work. 1-2 weeks light exercise. 3 weeks more strenuous activity. 4-8 weeks for swelling to resolve.

Duration of results


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