Tips to Fend Off Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are a time to make memories with family and friends. Unfortunately, many people find that they have accumulated a few extra pounds by the time January 1st comes around. The office parties, Christmas cookies and family gatherings make the holiday season a difficult time for those who are […]

Is There an Age Limit for Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Joseph Michaels sees patients of all ages at his Bethesda plastic surgery office. Recent demographic changes in the United States are causing an increase in the number of older adults who are interested in cosmetic surgery. This subset of the population continues to grow, and cultural views on aging […]

Beach Bodies are Not Made in the Summer

Another summer has come and gone with a new round of beach body resolutions from unsatisfied bathing beauties. Each year, many folks embark on fad diets and cleanses to rid their bodies of extra fat. Even the most diligent gym-goers have problem areas they can’t seem to sculpt away on […]

How Long Until I See Results with SmartLipo Triplex?

SmartLipo Triplex is a liposuction technology that uses lasers to break up fat molecules and tighten overlying skin to help you achieve your ideal body contour. The procedure is minimally invasive, does not require general anesthesia and carries less risk and discomfort than previously popular methods. It is no surprise […]

SmartLipo Triplex FAQs

Often touted as the next generation in liposuction technology, the SmartLipo Triplex system is a super effective and relatively new procedure for eliminating fat and contouring your body. By helping you shed unwanted body fat quickly with minimal risk and recovery time, SmartLipo Triplex allows you to have greater control […]

Surprising List of Celebrities Who Have Had a Breast Reduction

Many women who have overly large, pendulous breasts suffer from both emotional and physical discomfort. Women who are self-conscious or embarrassed about their large breasts feel that their apparel options are limited, and may even avoid physical activities such as running or jumping that can be painful with oversized breasts.

Combining Breast Reduction and Breast Lift: When Is It Necessary?

Have your breasts changed in a way that you don’t like due to pregnancy, weight loss, genetics or illness? If so, you have many options available that can change the size, shape and proportions of your breasts. Two common choices are breast reduction and breast lift surgery, which can be […]

Common Questions about Gynecomastia and Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is a medical condition in which excess glandular male breast tissue gives the male chest an enlarged, swollen or feminine appearance. The only solution is the surgical removal of the tissue during male breast reduction surgery. Dr. Joseph Michaels is Maryland’s plastic surgeon of choice for men struggling with […]

Pseudogynecomastia vs Gynecomastia

The term commonly used to describe male chests that appear enlarged, fatty or woman-like is usually “gynecomastia.” However, not all men with feminine-looking breasts have true gynecomastia — some actually have a condition called pseudogynecomastia, which may look similar, but it has a unique underlying cause. Here, Maryland plastic surgeon […]

Will Breast Augmentation Scars Show in a Bikini?

Scarring is a topic frequently discussed in breast augmentation consultations. It is understandable that women do not want to enlarge their breasts through surgery, only to discover they have long-term scarring that is visible when wearing certain types of clothing. Now that summer has arrived, many women want to know […]