shutterstock_504104914Facial rejuvenation is an area of particular interest to Dr. Joseph Michaels. The Rockville, Maryland plastic surgeon receives a large number of inquiries from individuals who are interested in addressing noticeable wrinkles and skin laxity but also concerned about the effect of plastic surgery on the natural aging process. Dr. Michaels gets to the bottom of the matter in this blog post.

People Continue to Age Naturally After Plastic Surgery

How a person ages is affected by various factors: general health, genetics, fluctuations in weight, smoking, sun exposure and stress — and plastic surgery does not stop the aging process. Procedures like facelift and eyelid surgery are designed to “turn back the clock” (generally by about 7-10 years).

The key to effective yet natural-looking facial rejuvenation is the skill and experience of the plastic surgeon. An inexperienced surgeon can over-correct problem areas and produce results that look overdone, unnatural, gaunt or even older than they actually are. Dr. Michaels is a respected plastic surgeon with years of experience in facial rejuvenation. He listens carefully to every patient and recommends treatments tailored to their individual anti-aging needs.

Best Procedures for “Turning Back the Clock”

If you are interested in looking 7-10 years younger, facial plastic surgery is an area of opportunity for you. The specific procedure to give you the results you want depends on your unique areas of concern and desired appearance, but Dr. Michaels often recommends the following procedures:

Facelift: reduces noticeable signs of aging in the mid- and lower face, such as deep creases, fallen/displaced fat, loss of skin tone and excess fatty deposits underneath the chin and along the jawline. During surgery, the facial muscles are lifted and tightened, and excess fat and skin are removed to restore youthful contours to the face.

Eyelid surgery: improves the appearance of tired, droopy eyes. During surgery, excess skin and pockets of fat are removed from the upper and lower eyelids, and the skin is tightened.

Fat transfer: uses the patient’s own excess body fat and injects it into the face to add healthy, natural looking volume under the eyes and in the cheeks and lips. Fat transfer is an excellent way to treat areas of the face that look sunken-in, thin or creased.

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