shutterstock_363915440SmartLipo Triplex is a liposuction technology that uses lasers to break up fat molecules and tighten overlying skin to help you achieve your ideal body contour. The procedure is minimally invasive, does not require general anesthesia and carries less risk and discomfort than previously popular methods. It is no surprise that laser liposuction has become one of the most favored options for body contouring in recent years. Below Dr. Michaels explores the recovery process to help you get a better idea of when to expect final results.

The First Few Weeks

As with any surgery, your body will need time to adjust after liposuction. The good news is SmartLipo Triplex won’t make you break your normal routine for too long. You can expect to resume daily, low-impact activities after several days of rest. But when will you start to notice results? Swelling will make it difficult to observe changes for the first few weeks — in fact, you may even feel slightly bigger in the days following surgery. Don’t worry, this illusion is purely temporary, and by following your doctor’s orders and wearing your compression garment, you will begin to be able to see your new shape in two or three weeks.

One Month After Surgery

After a month has past, most patients will be able to see the majority of the swelling disappear. Your body has undergone much of its transformation, and the absence of fat and reduction in swelling will start to become more noticeable. Keep in mind that your lifestyle choices, including diet, alcohol and nicotine consumption, can directly influence your recovery time. Healthy eating, staying hydrated and abstaining from cigarettes will help you bounce back sooner.

Six Months Down the Road

In three to six months, you should expect to see the results you were hoping for. Not only will the swelling have run its course, but your skin will have tightened and bounced back as well. A big part of laser liposuction’s appeal is that the risk of loose, saggy skin is diminished. The laser helps stimulate collagen and elastin growth to keep your new contours taught, with minimal scarring.

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