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The Fem Shot is a simple procedure where a woman’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is safely introduced to her anterior vaginal wall and area around the clitoris. While the Fem Shot with PRP has amassed its popularity by heightening sexual pleasure, many women have turned to this treatment to treat urinary incontinence. But, sexual and urinary health are only two of the many systems PRP can aid. In clinical studies, the Fem Shot with PRP has improved women’s sexual function by increasing the surface area of the sensitive erogenous zone on the vaginal anterior wall called the G-spot.[1] Because a woman’s sexual and urinary function can waver at any age, the Fem Shot with PRP is recommended to women of all ages. 

Dr. Joseph Michaels is proud to offer his Fairfax clientele a safe and effective treatment to boost sexual satisfaction and urinary control. To learn how, please schedule a personal consultation at our Fairfax offices by filling out this online form or calling our front desk at:

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The Anterior Vaginal Wall

Named after German gynecologist  Ernst Gräfenberg, the G-spot was “discovered” in 1982 by a team of journalists and researchers who sought out a specific area on the anterior vaginal wall with a high nerve density. During sex, this area is thought to be responsible for “vaginally activated orgasms” as opposed to “clitorally activated orgasm”.[2] Because the density of nerve and mucosal cells differs between women, the frequency, power, or ease of a vaginally activated orgasm varies. With age, the vaginal tissue can lose its sensitivity as collagen fibers and blood flow weaken, causing the existing cells to atrophy. These conditions can decrease sexual satisfaction and make vaginally activated orgasms more difficult to achieve. 

About Urinary Incontinence

While prevalent in some men, urinary incontinence largely affects more women –– between 15% and 55%.[3] Many women start to notice this condition after having children, as pregnancies weaken pelvic floor muscles and vaginal tissue. Urinary and sexual health are systemically intertwined as urinary incontinence can cause embarrassing moments during intercourse. In a term known as coital incontinence, around 60% of women who struggle with bladder control report an involuntary loss of urine during intercourse.[4] These women reported that this problem led to reduced sexual desire, reduced ability to achieve an orgasm and harmful effects on their relationships.

PRP’s Restorative Effects

PRP Rockville Maryland

Inside our blood is a complex system of restorative properties that are ready to repair broken or weakened cells at a moment’s notice. Half of our blood is comprised of red blood cells. These cells keep our body’s systems oxygenated. The other large part of our blood’s composition (54%) is plasma: a golden liquid that serves as a vessel for the passage of proteins, glucose, hormones, gasses, and restorative ions.[5] The last part of our blood, roughly only 2%, is the platelets and white blood cells. Platelets act as carriers for a cell called megakaryocytes: cells that are vital to blood clotting and tissue repair. When damage occurs to any part of the body’s cells, platelets rush to the scene to reduce blood loss and replace or repair the damaged cells. Once new tissue has scabbed over the wound, the platelets circle the area and release multiple growth factors. These growth factors increase collagen formation and blood flow to the area. With an influx of collagen, healthy fibers replace old ones to restore the tissue’s functions. With increased blood flow, the body can send a more concentrated amount of restorative properties and oxygen to aid in the tissue’s recovery. 

By extracting a patient’s platelets, Dr. Michaels strategically employs their body’s restorative effects to enhance certain areas of the body that may have atrophied with age.


There are not many treatment options for increasing female sexual pleasure. At any age, however, a woman might feel dissatisfied with their sexual enjoyment and may look for ways to enhance or restore their experiences. For these women, Dr. Michael and his team are proud to offer the Fem Shot with PRP because it promotes genuine results without the costly downtime that follows surgery.

Enhanced Results

Because PRP increases collagen formation and neovascularization by 5-10 times more than normal blood flow,[1] patients who elect for the Fem Shot with PRP see increased sensitivity around their anterior vaginal wall and clitoris during sex. This increases the likelihood of achieving orgasm! In the past, healthcare professionals turned to psychotherapy and hormonal support to treat sexual dysfunction. But, many women reported more adverse side effects than positive results. Since a PRP treatment uses the patient’s own cells, there is minimal risk of adverse reactions. Once the PRP has revitalized the target vaginal tissue, women also report having better control over their urinary tract, which decreases the likelihood of coital incontinence. 

Non-Surgical Procedure

After the vulvo-vaginal area has been properly anesthetized, we administer the PRP through a thin needle with a syringe. This process is relatively pain-free and only requires 20 minutes of your time. Because it is a non-surgical procedure, you can squeeze a Fem Shot with PRP easily into a quick lunch break. This procedure is ideal for women with busy schedules as no downtime is needed and regular daily activities can be resumed that very day. 


Platelet Rich plasma Rockville

The Fem Shot with PRP is intended for women looking to enhance their sexual pleasure and restore their urinary health. Women of all ages can struggle with painful intercourse, low libido, and intimate dissatisfaction. So, there is no set age to receive the Fem Shot. For those interested, the first step is to schedule a personal consultation at one of our two offices in Rockville, Maryland, or Fairfax, Virginia. 

Personal Consultation

We will begin your initial consultation with a brief new patient intake interview and a physical examination. Our team will listen to your intimate concerns and note how the Fem Shot with PRP can help alleviate signs of incontinence and invigorate your sexual health. Then, we will give you a list of preparatory steps to follow before your treatment. This is an easy procedure to prepare for, so there will be no extensive instructions. We recommend not taking any blood-thinning medications before your treatment as these will cause excessive bleeding during your treatment. Also, eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water to ensure the blood we use for your PRP is rich in nutritious minerals and properties. 


Like all other PRP treatments, we begin your Fem Shot procedure by first performing a blood draw. We spin this vial in a centrifuge where the red blood cells will separate from the “buffy coat” layer: the layer of blood that includes the plasma, the white blood cells, and the platelets. After mixing the buffy coat layer into a serum, we then put the PRP cells into a syringe. Next, we anesthetize the vulva and vagina, making this procedure virtually pain-free. Then, we administer the PRP serum into the numbed areas. Once this step is complete, we will release you from our care and you will be free to resume your daily activities. 

Recovery & Results

After your Fem Shot with PRP, you may resume all activities, including intercourse, that very day. The area may be a little numb from the anesthetic. This feeling will subside over the next couple of hours. Patients typically report seeing increased sexual pleasure during the first month as the treated areas become more sensitive and blood flow increases. Over the course of the next few weeks, women who struggle with urinary incontinence will find that controlling their urinary tract is easier. They report an increase in sexual confidence, which in turn increases libido, desire, and satisfaction! Be sure to schedule your confidential appointment with Dr. Michaels and his team today!

Other PRP Applications

In addition to invigorating a woman’s sexual satisfaction, the power of PRP can address many other common conditions. 

PRP Hair Restoration

When applied to balding or thinning hairlines, PRP can heal matured hair follicles to help regrow natural hair. Hair loss affects more than half of us and can be an embarrassing side effect of aging. To help patients grow back thicker, denser hair, Dr. Michaels and his team administer PRP to follicle roots. Here, the PRP properties restore cellular function, causing natural hair to regrow in many different trouble spots. 

PRP For Facial Aging

To fight wrinkles and fine lines, Dr. Michaels and his team introduce PRP to skin cells. The PRP cells form new collagen fibers, which elicit a younger appearance in the skin. This procedure is perfect for those interested in facial rejuvenation but who wish to avoid all the steps that come with surgery. 

How Much Does the Fem Shot with PRP Cost in Rockville?

Depending on the details of the patient’s procedure, the price of a Fem Shot with PRP may vary from other patients’. We will determine your unique price during your consultation. Learn about what our previous patients have to say about our level of care by visiting our reviews page! To contact us directly, you can call either of our offices at:

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