Selfies Spark Plastic Surgery IncreaseIf you’re an active Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat user, chances are you have snapped your share of selfies. But just how many of those selfies do you actually share with your friends? A recent study from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) found an increasing number of people are dissatisfied with their own image on social media. As a result, plastic surgeons have seen an increase in the demand for facial plastic surgery, according to the study. Leading plastic surgeon Joseph Michaels takes a look at the findings.

What the Study Found

The 2014 AAFPRS poll surveyed a select group of the organization’s 2,700 members and found one in three facial plastic surgeons report an increase in procedures due to patients being more aware of their looks on social media. Additionally, 13 percent of facial plastic surgeons said patients have reported an increase in photo sharing and being dissatisfied with selfies as a reason for facial plastic surgery.

As a result, plastic surgeons found an increase in the following facial procedures:

  • Rhinoplasty (increased 10 percent)
  • Hair transplants (increased 7 percent)
  • Eyelid surgery (increased 6 percent)

The study also revealed millennials (adults younger than 30) are seeking facial plastic surgery in record numbers. In fact, 58 percent of plastic surgeons reported seeing an increase in cosmetic surgery among those under age 30. Surgeons believe this is because millennials are at the forefront of the selfie trend and are becoming more aware of their appearance.

Facial Surgery Options

Here are some of the most common goals Dr. Michaels’ patients set out to accomplish with facial plastic surgery:

Brighter, Younger Looking Eyes
Puffy eyelids caused by excess, drooping skin can make you look tired or exhausted in any picture. Eyelid surgery removes fat and skin on the upper eyelids and reduces the appearance of “bags” on the lower eyelids. The result is vibrant eyes and a youthful facial appearance.

Rejuvenated Facial Appearance
Facelift surgery removes excess fat and skin, and re-drapes the skin of the face, eliminating visible signs of aging, including wrinkles, hollow pockets, creases and sagging skin. Many of Dr. Michaels’ patients decide to combine facelift surgery with other facial plastic surgery procedures such as neck lift surgery to smoothen the contours of the neck.

A More Balanced Nose
The nose is the most central facial feature, so it’s no surprise rhinoplasty is one of the most popular facial procedures among both men and women. Rhinoplasty can resize an overly large nose, or reshape a nose to eliminate an unattractive bump. A more attractive, symmetrical nose can bring balance to a person’s overall facial appearance.

No More Double Chin
Has the appearance of a double chin stopped you from sharing an otherwise flawless selfie? If so, you’re not alone. Many of Dr. Michaels’ patients seek to eliminate fat underneath the chin to improve their overall facial appearance. With Smartlipo, Dr. Michaels uses a thin laser fiber and small incision to target excess fat and skin in the neck area. Dr. Michaels tightens and smoothens the skin for a more appealing and accentuated jawline and neck.

As a leading plastic surgeon who is committed to patient satisfaction, Dr. Michaels is excited to announce he will soon offer a new injectable treatment that also aims to eliminate the dreaded double chin for good. Kybella is a recently FDA approved deoxycholic acid injection that improves the appearance of moderate to severe submental fat (under-the-chin fat). When injected, the drug destroys fat cells in the chin area, eliminating excess fat.

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