iStock_000010676270XSmallmultipresentsLooking for the perfect gift for a loved one? According to many sources, giving the gift of plastic surgery is becoming more popular every year.

Last year, ABC News and Elle magazine reported cosmetic surgery gifting was up as much as 35 percent (depending on the procedure and the practice). The most popular gifted procedures were rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and breast augmentation.

Gifting non-surgical procedures like Botox and dermal filler treatment was also a popular choice; ABC interviewed plastic surgeons in New York City and Chicago that reported selling more gift cards for these treatments than ever.

Who, exactly, is gifting plastic surgery? According to ABC, husbands, wives, parents and even siblings are bequeathing cosmetic treatment to one another. As one dermatologist told Elle, it’s common for a woman to undergo treatment such as Botox injections, and love the results so much that they generously gift the treatment to a friend or sister.

The gift of plastic surgery is typically well received only if the recipient has expressed interest in the procedure. For example, A Chicago plastic surgeon interviewed by Elle magazine said he had a woman express interest in, and come in for, a neck lift consultation, but she postponed scheduling the surgery. Her husband knew she was interested in surgery, and surprised her with a voucher for the procedure — she was thrilled.

On the other hand, you can imagine that a husband spontaneously gifting his wife a facelift may not go over well if the wife has never expressed a desire for cosmetic enhancement. Maybe she loves the way she looks and doesn’t want to change a thing!

The Time Is Right

Plastic surgery gifts are a smart idea around the holidays because winter is prime time to undergo surgery, especially in a cold climate like Maryland and Virginia. The weather is cooler, and there is less temptation to go outdoors during recovery. Bandages and support garments can be hidden beneath a sweater or jacket. Younger patients are on break from school and have ample time to recover. Also, don’t forget: people love to start the New Year off with a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance!

Recommendations from the Experts

If you’re considering gifting plastic surgery to a loved one, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has some guidelines.

First, determine the recipient’s cosmetic goals or concerns. Perhaps your wife wants breast augmentation to attain larger breasts, or your daughter wants rhinoplasty to improve the appearance of a crooked or oversized nose. Call a plastic surgeon’s office (call Dr. Michaels at 301-468-5991 or 703-957-8610) to inquire about the requested procedure and receive an estimate for cost. Purchase a gift card or voucher from the plastic surgeon’s office that indicates your intent to contribute to your loved one’s procedure. Then, have the recipient call Dr. Michaels to schedule a consultation.

Finally, remember that cosmetic treatment is performed at the sole discretion of the patient. Our patients have the right to make decisions about their care, and we will not encourage anyone to have surgery that does not want it themselves.

To purchase a gift certificate to Michaels Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, or learn more about the procedures we offer, please call (301) 468-5991 or (703) 957-8610.

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