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Restylane is a dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid that is used to smooth wrinkles, plump lips, and shape facial contours. Restylane is injected beneath the skin in tiny amounts using a very fine needle. There is minimal discomfort associated with the injections, and the results are immediate. Restylane can last up to 18 months before it is slowly and safely metabolized by the body. [1]

In Maryland and Virginia, Dr. Joseph Michaels is a board-certified plastic surgeon who provides Restylane injections for his patients at either of the two Michaels Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery locations. Dr. Michaels and his team have significant experience in both surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation procedures, as well as body contouring. If you are interested in learning more about Restylane or any other dermal filler, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Plump up your lips, smooth out your wrinkles, and achieve a more youthful appearance with Restylane! Call (301) 468-5991 in Rockville, MD, or (703) 957-8610 in Fairfax, VA. Patients are also invited to fill out our contact form if they wish.

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How Does Restylane Work?

If you’re new to the world of dermal fillers, you might be wondering exactly how Restylane works. Essentially, when injected into the skin, Restylane plumps up the area to smooth away wrinkles and lines. It does this by adding volume to the skin and filling in any depressions or hollowness. And because knowledge of human anatomy is important to ensure that the placement of Restylane is natural-looking, seeing a board-certified surgeon for your filler means they will have a thorough understanding of where to inject the filler for the best results.

Not all dermal fillers are created equally. Restylane, with its hyaluronic acid formulation, has a reduced risk of allergic reactions and doesn’t require a skin test prior to injection like some synthetic fillers. Additionally, Restylane is one of the longest-lasting dermal fillers on the market, typically providing results that can last up to 18 months.

More About Hyaluronic Acid

Restylane is made of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a substance that naturally occurs in your body. Our body naturally produces hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydrated and plump. Unfortunately, as we age, our skin loses hyaluronic acid, resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, and a loss of volume. Restylane replenishes the skin’s lost hyaluronic acid to smooth away wrinkles and restore volume.

Did you know that hyaluronic acid was once thought to be too large to be injected into the skin? However, new technology has allowed for the creation of smaller particles of hyaluronic acid, making it possible to smooth away wrinkles with Restylane injections.

What Are The Different Restylane Formulations?

Not all Restylane is created equal. In fact, there are several different formulations that are designed for different areas of the face and body and for different purposes. Here’s a quick rundown of the different types:


Erase wrinkles and reveal a younger-looking you with Restylane. The original Restylane formulation can be used to add volume and fullness to the skin, correcting moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds such as the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth (nasolabial folds). Restylane may also be used for lip enhancement in patients over 21 years.


Restylane Lyft is the only hyaluronic acid filler that is FDA-approved to treat your face and hands. This safe, effective, and dissolvable filler can give you a natural-looking volume in your cheeks and hands for a smoother, fuller appearance. Treatment can be administered in your hands and face at the same appointment — and can result in a more youthful-looking appearance.

Restylane Kysse

Restylane Kysse is a lip filler designed with XpresHAn Technology for flexible movement and natural-looking volume. It has been proven to last for up to one year, enhancing the texture and color of the lips while maintaining a full range of expressions.

Restylane Silk

Achieve the lips you’ve always wanted with Restylane Silk. The first FDA-approved product specifically designed for lip augmentation, it can help smooth out wrinkles around the mouth in patients 21 and older.

Restylane Refyne

Restylane Refyne is a next-generation hyaluronic acid dermal filler designed to help support your skin while keeping you looking like yourself. With XpresHAn Technology, Restylane Refyne can soften laugh lines (nasolabial folds and marionette lines), helping you restore a more natural look to your face while maintaining your facial expressions.

Restylane Defyne

Our newly crafted XpresHAn Technology powers Restylane Defyne to help reduce the appearance of deep laugh lines as well as enhance chin projection. By utilizing cutting-edge cross-linking technology, Restylane Defyne gives you natural-looking results while allowing you to maintain your unique expressions and movement.

Restylane Contour

With aging comes the loss of volume in the midface, which also causes the definition of the cheeks to become less visible. Restylane Contour also uses XpresHAn Technology to restore your natural contour and give you back refreshed, young-looking cheeks without changing what makes you beautiful.

How Long Does Restylane Last?

One of the great things about Restylane is that it is not permanent. Restylane typically lasts for anywhere from 12 to 18 months before it is slowly metabolized by the body. However, everybody is different, and if you find the effects of Restylane are not what you wanted, the filler can quickly be dissolved by an injection of Hyaluronidase. [2]

What are the Benefits of Restylane Injections?

As we’ve just discussed, the first benefit of Restylane is that there are different formulations of Restylane, each of which is designed to treat specific areas. So, depending on your goals, you and Dr. Michaels can choose the best type of Restylane for you.

Some further benefits of Restylane injections include

  • Non-surgical
  • No downtime
  • Long-lasting results
  • Can be used to target specific areas
  • FDA-approved

If you are someone who wants to turn back the clock on your skin, but you’re not ready for surgery, then Restylane injections may be the perfect solution for you.

Am I a Good Candidate for Restylane Injections?

The best way to find out if you are a good candidate for Restylane injections is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Michaels. During your consultation, Dr. Michaels will assess your goals and perform a thorough examination of your skin to determine if Restylane is the best treatment for you.

In general, good candidates for Restylane injections are

  • People who want to achieve younger-looking skin without surgery
  • People with mild to moderate wrinkles
  • People who have lost volume in their face
  • People with thin lips

The most frequent infection linked with Restylane injections is the herpes simplex virus, and it often appears around the lips. A large part of the general population has HSV. Patients may need pretreatment with an oral antiviral if they have a history of cold sores, and injections should be avoided if they are actively experiencing disease symptoms. [3]

Personal Consultation

During your consultation with Dr. Michaels, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your goals and concerns. Dr. Michaels will also perform a thorough examination of your skin to determine if Restylane is the best treatment for you. The consultation is also an opportunity to speak with a board-certified surgeon about any other procedures you may be interested in. Dr. Michaels is happy to answer your questions!

To learn more about Restylane injections and to find out if you are a good candidate, contact our office today to schedule a consultation. Call (301) 468-5991 in Rockville, MD, or (703) 957-8610 in Fairfax, VA or fill out our contact form.

Preparing for Restylane Injections in the DC Area

As discussed, if you have a history of cold sores, you will likely be given a prescription for an antiviral medication to take before and after your injection to prevent infection. Other than that, there is no special preparation required for Restylane injections.

You should avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen or aspirin for at least one week before your injection to reduce the risk of bruising.

The Injection Procedure

To help minimize any discomfort, we will apply a topical numbing cream to your skin before injecting Restylane. In addition, we will use a very fine needle to minimize any discomfort. To avoid the overfilled or “done” look, our injectors will carefully tailor the amount of Restylane injected to your specific goals.

The entire procedure usually takes less than 30 minutes.

What is the Recovery Like After Restylane Injections?

One of the great things about Restylane injections is that there is no recovery time. You can return to your normal activities immediately after your treatment. Some people experience mild redness, swelling, and bruising at the injection site, but this is temporary and should resolve within a few days.

The most common side effects of Restylane are temporary and include redness, swelling, bruising, and pain at the injection site. These side effects typically resolve within a few days.

More rare side effects of Restylane include granulomas (lumps under the skin), infections, and allergic reactions. Contact our office if you experience any of these rare side effects.

Restylane Results

Your stunning results will last for 12 months to 18 months, depending on the specific area injected and your individual metabolism. You will need to come in for touch-up injections from time to time to maintain your results as you age. You will see an immediate improvement after your injections, but the full results will develop over the next few days as the swelling goes down.

The sunken, depleted, and dry look of your face, lips, and hands will be a thing of the past. Greet the world with confidence after your Restylane injections!

What is the Cost of Restylane Injections in Maryland?

The cost of your Restylane injections will depend on the number of syringes used, the areas injected, and your individual goals. During your consultation, Dr. Michaels will develop a personalized treatment plan and provide you with a detailed cost estimate. We offer financing options to make it easier for you to afford the treatment you want and deserve.

Don’t overthink it… book a consultation to get started today! Call (301) 468-5991 in Rockville, MD, or (703) 957-8610 in Fairfax, VA. Patients are also invited to fill out our contact form for a returned call shortly.


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