shutterstock_91016318knitscarfgirlThere is not a universal “right time” to have plastic surgery. The best time to have surgery is when you feel ready and confident in your treatment plan and chosen plastic surgeon. With that in mind, there are certainly some perks to undergoing plastic surgery in the winter. Dr. Joseph Michaels explains why.

You need time to recover from surgery.

Although you will see immediate results after your procedure, it often takes three to six months to see your final results. For this reason, it is critical to plan your surgery ahead of time. If you want to enjoy your results next summer, we recommend you schedule surgery during the winter months.

There are fewer outdoor distractions.

During your recovery, you will have some physical limitations. For example, you won’t be able to exercise, drive, bend over, lift heavy objects, get the treated area wet or expose it to the sun.

With cold winter temperatures, it’s easier to stay inside and “hibernate” until your body heals from surgery. There are fewer activities to tempt you, since swimming, sunbathing and strolling outside aren’t particularly pleasant winter pastimes.

You can easily cover up surgical bandages.

After surgery, you will have bandages and possibly a support garment wrapped around the treated area. The bandages need to stay in place for a week or two and the support garment up to a month (depending on the procedure you had performed).

If you’ve had breast enhancement or body contouring surgery, these dressings can be easily concealed beneath warm clothing like bulky sweaters, jackets and pants. It’s more difficult to hide bandages and garments in the summer, when the warm days require light clothing like shorts and tank tops. If you do need to make a quick trip to the store or run an errand during your winter recovery, you won’t have to worry about anyone detecting your bandages beneath your thick clothing.

The children are in school.

Since you won’t be able to lift heavy objects or move as easily during your initial recovery, it can be difficult to care for children during surgical recovery. You’ll probably need to recruit a loved one to help you with childcare, as well as cooking, cleaning and laundry, as your body heals. It’s helpful if your children are in school or daycare for a good chunk of the day, because it enables you to concentrate on your body and your needs without worrying about your loved ones. It’s also easier to relax in a quiet and empty house!

You’ll be ready for a big reveal.

Another advantage to having plastic surgery in the winter is that you’ll have plenty of time to heal by the spring. You’ll be able to embrace a new season with a dramatically improved physique or a rejuvenated facial appearance.

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