iStock_000003196870SmallSummer is here with its poolside cocktail parties, its outdoor concerts and its camping trips. The hot, humid weather that characterizes the season can be a welcome break between cold weather patterns, but it can also make us ultra-conscious of our bodies, especially when anticipating wearing lighter, more revealing summer clothes. Here are some plastic surgery procedures that will help you bare more skin with confidence this season.


Many women cringe at the thought of bikini shopping and spend their time in the dressing room pinching extra flesh on their stomach or thighs in dissatisfaction. If this sounds familiar, liposuction may be a good option for you. Liposuction gets rid of the fatty deposits on the body (such as a stomach pooch or saddle bags) that don’t disappear no matter how much you diet or exercise. Michaels Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery offers both female and male patients several types of liposuction, including SmartLipo, a technique that uses a laser to liquefy fat cells before they are removed.

Tummy Tuck

Ladies: does that summer dress reveal an unsightly bulge in the middle? Guys: is your stomach overflowing over the waistband of your shorts? It’s still time to get summer-ready with tummy tuck surgery. A tummy tuck gets rid of excess, sagging skin on the stomach while tightening the abdominal muscles in order to give the stomach a tauter, more attractive appearance. You may be a candidate for a tummy tuck if you are close to a healthy weight but are unhappy with sagging skin and fat on your stomach due to past pregnancy, weight loss or aging.

Breast Augmentation

Are you tired of buying bulky, padded bikini tops to fill out your top half? Do you envy the buxom women who walk by while you’re sunning yourself by the pool? If you’d like fuller, sexier breasts that look great in bikinis, and pretty much anything, a breast augmentation can give you that curvy silhouette you’re after. At Michaels Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, we offer saline, silicone and highly cohesive silicone gel implants. We also offer a breast lift with augmentation procedure that lifts the breasts as it adds volume, giving the breasts a perkier and more voluptuous appearance.


If you’re one of the many women who are self-conscious about the size of their labia, you may avoid wearing a swimsuit altogether because you’re afraid that they will show through the material. Enlarged labia is not only an aesthetic problem for some women, since enlarged vaginal lips can often be seen while wearing tight clothing like bikini bottoms and yoga pants, but it can also cause physical discomfort from chafing. If you have this problem, you may be a candidate for labiaplasty at Michaels Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. This surgical procedure removes excess skin from the labia (the inner and/or outer vaginal lips) to improve the appearance of the vagina and to relieve discomfort.

Male Breast Reduction

Summer can be a difficult time if you’re a guy who is self-conscious about his chest. Having enlarged and feminine-looking breasts, a condition known as gynecomastia, can make a guy too embarrassed to take off his shirt when he wants to jump in the pool on a hot day. Why should you sit and suffer in a sweaty shirt when a male breast reshaping procedure can free you to bare your chest with confidence? This surgery removes excess skin tissue and fat from the breasts for a flatter and more defined chest.

Need Help with Your Summer Body?

The first day of summer is almost here; why not include plastic surgery in your summer plans? I can help you sculpt your body for the season so that you can enjoy your summer activities with style and increased self-esteem. Schedule a consultation with me so that we can discuss your goals and determine your surgery options. Contact Michaels Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery today by calling (301) 468-5991 or (703) 957-8610.

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