Summer Skincare TipsWe are heading into the dog days of summer, which means sizzling temperatures and extremely high humidity levels. Hot weather and sticky humidity can make it difficult to look your best while you lounge at the beach or poolside. However, Dr. Joseph Michaels can help. Here, he offers a few summer beauty tips to keep you looking gorgeous even in sweltering conditions.

Summer Skin Care

Do you find that your skin is excessively oily during the warmer summer months? If so, you might want to adjust your skincare regimen. As long as you don’t suffer from perpetually dry skin, try using a gel-based or foaming face wash instead of a cream-based formula. Gel and foaming face washes are better at soaking up excess oil than heavy cream ones.

In addition, try adding one more day of exfoliation into your skincare routine. If you exfoliate once a week, try doing it twice a week. When your skin is oilier than usual, it can tolerate the additional day of exfoliating. However, be sure to use a gentle formula to protect your skin.

Melt-Proof Your Makeup                  

Obviously, the less makeup you wear, the lower your chance is of suffering from clumpy powder or runny mascara. That being said, most women like to apply a bit of makeup each day to feel confident when stepping outside. We’re not saying that you should ditch all your makeup completely during summer, but try using less makeup overall while emphasizing your favorite facial features.

For example, instead of using your normal full-coverage foundation, try applying a few thin layers of tinted moisturizer (or another lighter base such as a BB cream) over your face. This will allow you to use less product while still getting the coverage you need, and, by applying layers of a light base, it is more likely to stay put.

Another alternative is to apply a self-tanning product to your face. By using self-tanner on your face for a few days, you will create the appearance of a (faux) tan. This might allow you to feel confident enough to skip the tinted moisturizer altogether!

If your eyes are your best feature, accentuate them by using false lashes instead of mascara (which tends to run down your face when you perspire). You can use entire strips of faux lashes for a dramatic look or strategically place a few single falsies on the outer corners of your upper eyelids for a more natural look.

Finally, embrace your inherent summer glow! Not only is nearly impossible to achieve a perfectly matte finish during the hot summer months, but many men appreciate a woman with a subtle flush of the cheeks. Play up your glow by applying a bit of highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones and a light, rosy cream blush to the apples of your cheeks. The result will be radiant summer skin, with very little effort.

For Additional Help Looking Great in Summer

If you could use additional assistance with your skin care regimen or seek to improve the look of already-visible sun damage, contact Michaels Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery for help. Dr. Michaels offers several cosmetic surgery and nonsurgical treatment options to help your skin and face look their best, no matter what time of year it is. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Michaels to learn more about your facial rejuvenation treatment options, contact Michaels Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery by calling (301) 468-5991 or (703) 957-8610 today.

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