Plastic surgery risesWeight loss surgery comes with many benefits, including a slimmer shape and the feeling of having a new lease on life. But weight loss surgery patients are not always completely happy with the results of their new physique. Many patients are left with excess, hanging skin that may be unsightly or even uncomfortable. New findings show more weight loss surgery patients are opting to eliminate excess skin and fat with body contouring procedures. Leading plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Michaels discusses this rising trend in detail.

Lifts and Tucks Most Popular Surgeries After Weight Loss

In 2013, 179,000 Americans underwent weight loss surgery, for an average of nearly 500 procedures a day, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This is the biggest increase in procedures since 2009 and the third highest number on record. Body contouring procedures, particularly those that usually follow major weight loss, are also on the rise. Consider the following statistics from 2014:

Thigh lifts and upper arm lifts rose 9 percent, the biggest increase in five years
Tummy tuck surgery increased 4 percent
Breast lifts grew 10 percent, the biggest increase in five years

Continue Your Weight Loss Journey with Body Contouring

Surgeons believe the increases in lifts and tucks are a direct result of the rise in weight loss surgeries. Dr. Michaels offers weight loss patients several body contouring surgeries that focus on eliminating excess skin and restoring firmness to the body, including arm, thigh and breast lifts.

Oftentimes, massive weight loss not only leaves sagging, hanging skin, but also damages the underlying tissue structures, making it hard to restore muscle tone. This is why Dr. Michaels offers many of his patients the lower body lift procedure, the most comprehensive procedure to contour your body. With this procedure, loose, excess skin is removed from the abdomen, lateral thighs and buttocks, and the abdominal muscles are tightened. Following weight loss surgery, many patients complain about the loss of buttock projection, which is why Dr. Michaels will discuss with you the need for buttock auto-augmentation. Dr. Michaels can preserve the tissue in the buttock area and use it to enhance your buttock shape and contour, something not all plastic surgeons offer as part of their lower body lift procedure.

Many of Dr. Michaels’ patients require more than one stage to correct all the areas they desire contoured. These additional procedures can be performed a minimum of three months apart. This allows your body time to recuperate and optimize itself for the next stage.

If you have recently undergone weight loss surgery, consider restoring firmness and elasticity to your body with a lift or tuck procedure. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Michaels today by calling (301) 468-5991 or (703) 957-8610.

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