avocado.shutterstock_126741251Are you trying your best to follow a strict diet, but aren’t seeing the results you want? Experts say that you could be sabotaging yourself. Here are some of the most common diet mistakes you might be making, and tips for correcting them:

Eating “Fake” Foods

Pre-packaged snack bars and shakes are a dieter’s best friend. However, just because they are conveniently portioned and have a label with healthy catchwords doesn’t mean they are nutritious. Diet foods are typically over-processed and full of empty calories. Have you ever felt truly satisfied after finishing one of these snacks?

The fix: Next time you need a quick snack on the go, reach for a string cheese stick, a handful of plain nuts or a container of plain Greek yogurt topped with berries.

Abusing the Salad Bar

Yes, a basic salad is a healthy alternative to a slice of pizza or chicken nuggets. However, most salad bars offer tempting high-calorie additions, like croutons, blue cheese, candied walnuts or bacon bits. Add too many of these toppings, and you would have been better off with a slice of plain pizza.

The fix: To bulk up your salad, add sources of lean protein. Try hard-boiled eggs, turkey breast or grilled chicken strips. Twenty-five percent of your salad can include a complex carbohydrate like quinoa or wheat berries.

Avoiding Fruit

Fruit may be called “nature’s sweets,” but it is a far cry from a piece of candy. Some dieters avoid fruit because it has sugar, but they miss out on the vitamins, minerals and fiber. Think of fruit as a free pass, and enjoy it guilt-free!

The fix: Eat two to three servings of fruit (e.g., a cup of sliced strawberries or blueberries) a day. However, avoid fruit juices, which often contain added sugar and lack the filling fiber of whole fruit.

Making Healthy Swaps, but Ignoring Portion Control

Just because you’re making smart swaps doesn’t mean you can overeat. Nuts are certainly a healthier option than greasy potato chips, but they need to be enjoyed in moderation. Olive oil is better than butter, but isn’t calorie-free (a tablespoon contains 120 calories).

The fix: Continue making healthy substitutions where you can, but watch your portions. Read the nutrition fact labels carefully with an eye for calorie count. Measure out snacks like nuts, or put your olive oil in a spray bottle so that a little bit will go a long way.

Still Struggling with Unwanted Fat?

If you eat a nutritious diet full of clean foods and exercise regularly, but aren’t seeing the sculpted physique you desire, consider surgical fat reduction with liposuction. Liposuction reduces areas of stubborn fat from areas like the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks and upper arms. At Michaels Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, we also offer laser liposuction with the Smartlipo Triplex system.

We would love to talk to you about liposuction or Smartlipo and explain how it can help you look slimmer and sexier in the New Year. Call us at (301) 468-5991 or (703) 957-8610 to schedule a consultation today.

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