Summer is coming! Are you ready to shed your layers of clothing and slip into a bikini? Whether you’re hitting the beach or the pool in the upcoming months, get ready for bathing suit season with these tips from top Bethesda plastic surgeon Joseph Michaels.

Refresh Your Workout Routine

Make sure your workouts are toning your abdomen and buttocks — two features that are prominently displayed in a bikini. Try a Pilates class at the gym. Or, enlist the help of a certified personal trainer, who can recommend exercises designed to help you meet your fitness goals.

Clean Up Your Diet

You are probably familiar with diet basics, such as eating lots of lean proteins, fresh fruits and veggies, and avoiding processed, starchy foods that are high in fat and preservatives. Here are some additional tips to help you slim down quickly (and healthfully!):

  • Get at least two servings of fish (a great source of healthy fats) per week.
  • For a healthy, guilt-free treat, freeze grapes, strawberries and other small fruits.
  • Drink fat-burning green tea.
  • Up your water consumption; it will prevent dehydration and flush out excess water weight.
  • Increase your intake of natural diuretics, like cucumbers, asparagus and lemon, to help you fight bloating.

Laser Away Unwanted Hair and Veins

Unwanted hair and unsightly spider veins can send anyone running for a cover-up. Luckily, Dr. Michaels is able to treat both with laser technology. Laser hair and vein removal are popular because they are non-invasive but very effective. To achieve the desired results, a series of laser treatments is usually recommended. Start your treatment now so you’ll be hair- (or vein-) free by summer!

Schedule a Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

Are your bikini-body needs a little more comprehensive? If you’re finding that certain parts of your figure are unresponsive to a diet/exercise overhaul, plastic surgery can provide the enhancement you need to feel comfortable in your bikini. Some of the most popular procedures that Dr. Michaels performs to help his patients get bikini-ready include:

  • Breast augmentation or breast lift to enhance the size and shape of the breasts to fill out a bikini top.
  • SmartLipo (laser liposuction) to remove targeted areas of fat from the stomach, flanks (love handles), hips, thighs, buttocks or arms.
  • Labiaplasty to reduce enlarged labia that may result in fullness (the outer folds of skin that surround the vagina).

Contact Dr. Michaels

To learn more about the non-surgical and surgical procedures mentioned here, please contact Dr. Michaels for a consultation by calling 301-468-5991 or 703-957-8610.

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